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Like the wind stirring

I turn to reality

Live for tomorrow.

Today I face life

Alone, defenseless, tired

Tomorrow gives hope.

Stride forward with grit

Stay steadfast against the wind

Triumph over all.


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Walking home from school,
The usual way.
My head full of romance,
on that fateful day.

Dreamy eyes lookup,
As I cross the bridge.
Heart plummets, Curtains drawn,
Someone is dead.

My mind races,
My Dad has been ill,
My Granddad is old,
Grandma older still.

How heavy my steps,
I don’t want to know.
I still play with dolls,
Too young to know.

I reach the door,
Time stands still.
A neighbor stands there,
On the door sill.

She tells me the news,
I splutter and bawl.
No ancient dead!
No! The youngest of all.

Michael my angel,
My precious…

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

The Face in the Mirror.

As Lena wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror, a strange face appeared. Gazing intently, she scrutinized the unknown visage. The worried eyes staring back at her reminded her of her mother. The wavy hair, short cut and thick was definitely her brother’s. How strange. Where had her own face gone? It was there in the mirror yesterday.

Yesterday? What had she done yesterday? She furiously rubbed her arms, legs and body, trying to remember.

Familiar music broke the silence, her phone? Yes, her phone, she scrambled to reach it before the music stopped, “Hello”…


Photo by Ramin Talebi on Unsplash

Sally retched into the salad bowl. Her whole body was shutting down. How much had she drunk? The empty bottle told the story.

Only ten minutes ago, everything had been honky dory. The boys had been playing hide and seek, in and out of the trees; she was relaxed, they were happy. Full tummies after a delicious picnic. She had only glanced at her phone, to check her Facebook feed. Now they were gone.

Her calls went unanswered, the silence was deafening. Not one giggle, not one scream. Not one skinny body hiding in the bushes. How was this possible…

Christine Frances Annette Andrews

I am retired, enjoy reading, writing and painting watercolours. I keep a curious outlook on life. Remember the past. Live in the present. Welcome the future

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