Aug 1

Young love that still lives on.

The Lark’s Poetry Competition.


To have passion is to live.

To love till it aches is perfect pain.

Death cannot extinguish the desire,

The separation only enhances the longing.

One glance long ago lit this flame,

One touch of lips ignited the fire.

Wholeness of spirits joined,

Bodies neatly…



Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

Sometimes we need a push, just a gentle prompt,

To leap into the unknown.

I took a giant bound! A leap, a step forward!

It worked out well, you will be pleased to know,

Once again, home, cocooned, and safe.

I have lived to tell my tale.

This all sounds…



Mar 22

Photo by Sinah Niepel on Unsplash

Blue outcrops hazily rise,
Beyond the dry, dusty red track.
Purple weed spreading lustily,
Carpeting valleys and hills.

Tread carefully, quietly here,
Stay alert, eyes wide.
They appear suddenly,
Hopping from rock to rock.

The Flinders Ranges in South Australia is a world apart. An awesome place of many spectacular…



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Moments of magic,
As I hold you in my arms.
New Great Granddaughter.

Delicate beauty,
Fragile fingers, weightlessness.
My heart swells with love.

You hold my future.
In your tiny form, part me,
Part others reborn.

So special to have great grandchildren. To contemplate the miracle of life.
So many generations…



Christine Frances Annette Andrews

Christine Frances Annette Andrews

I am retired, enjoy reading, writing and painting watercolours. I keep a curious outlook on life. Remember the past. Live in the present. Welcome the future