Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

Like the wind stirring

I turn to reality

Live for tomorrow.

Today I face life

Alone, defenseless, tired

Tomorrow gives hope.

Stride forward with grit

Stay steadfast against the wind

Triumph over all.

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Travel-right the Awesome Magazine for all Non-travelers.

Dear Reader, it is with a heavy heart that I address you, while once again our country is in Lockdown. No overseas trips for the foreseeable future. With the five, kilometer limit, being strictly enforced, even local attractions are out of reach.

Do not despair, here at ‘Travel Bubble Direct’, we would like you to consider our ‘Holiday of a Lifetime Lockdown ’ option. Just consider the benefits, before you tear up this article in disgust, no travel costs, no accommodation costs, no wearisome journey, no masks.

Now contemplate what it is most…

Photo by Stephen on Unsplash

Crazy Cockatoos
Caught cavorting crookedly,
Catch cacophony.

The noise is deafening as they rampage around.

Christine Frances Annette Andrews

I am retired, enjoy reading, writing and painting watercolours. I keep a curious outlook on life. Remember the past. Live in the present. Welcome the future

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