Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

Like the wind stirring

I turn to reality

Live for tomorrow.

Today I face life

Alone, defenseless, tired

Tomorrow gives hope.

Stride forward with grit

Stay steadfast against the wind

Triumph over all.

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

When walking on the foreshore, gazing at the sea, calmness comes.

Why I wonder? Is it knowing I have no control? The waves and tides have unbroken rhythms. Waves whipped by wind, white-capped, wild. Tides crashing the shore, tossing its cargo of sea treasures.

My mind moves in unison with…

Christine Frances Annette Andrews

I am retired, enjoy reading, writing and painting watercolours. I keep a curious outlook on life. Remember the past. Live in the present. Welcome the future

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